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Best Outdoor Heaters for a Pub/Restaurant/Bar/Cafe

Which Heaters do we recommend for Pubs/Restaurants/Bars and Cafes

As we have a wide range of Infrared Heaters, we our often asked by our customers which heaters would be best for their Pub or Restaurant. This post will run you through our recommended Heaters for this scenario and why we think these heaters are best for the job.

Firstly... The KMH-20 - Click here to view this product

The KMH-20 is perfect for Restaurants/Pubs/Bars as it has One Heat Setting and is easily controlled by YOU the owner. This heater is ideal for Restaurants/Bars that are using PIR and Timing Installations as the one heat-setting can be easily controlled by the owner.

Our other models come with Remotes, Different heat settings and are more suited for an Individual user at home. For a Bar/Restaurant/Pub Owner you want to be in control of the heater to make it a more enjoyable experience for your customers and easier for you.

The KMH-20 would be the ideal Heater above a table as you can see in the photo above. These heaters offer 2KW of heat meaning they produce a lot of heat for your customers. They also have a parabolic reflector built into the back of the unit to ensure a wider range of heat is produced.

These heaters are also IP65 Rated meaning they can left outdoors all year round. We do recommend that they have some cover overhead. IP65 means that this heater is "dust tight and protected against heavy rain or powerful jets of water". This means that this heater can be left outside but must be undercover.

Secondly, the KMH-30 - Click here to view this product

This heater has two 1.5KW bulbs and offers 3KW of heat output. These will provide more heat than the KMH-20 and a wider range of heat as the unit is longer (93cm compared to 63cm)

 You can see in the photo above how this heater may be used.

Similar to the KMH-20 this heater has one heat setting and can be wired in by an electrician and easily controlled via a PIR or Timer Installation. Simply turn the KMH-30 on and the heat will be produced within a couple of setting. This will be able to cover a wider area than the KMH-20 and produce more heat.


These heaters come with a golden tube heating element, this means that you will get a low-glare effect creating a comforting environment that will invite customers to your door.

A 2KW or 3KW rating for the heaters is telling you the power it consumes not necessarily its heat output. There are often big differences between a technologically advanced 2KW Infrared Heater and a poorly developed one. All of our heaters are technologically advanced to make sure that the heat output is maximised. If you look at the reviews for our heaters, customers are always impressed with the heat that our heaters produce.

There are other companies out there charging expensive prices for similar models to ours. Here at Castle Heaters we make sure our heaters are of high-quality and at affordable prices. All of our heaters our produced in Bulk numbers so that the lower costs can be passed onto our customers.

If you do have any questions or would like some advice please give us a ring and we will be happy to help on 0151 548 5500.


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