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Turbo nozzle

Worked really well . Would probably do better with better pressure washer


Takes time getting used to not that heavy for what I needed them for but great for the job.

Great heater

Heater arrived yesterday and now setup in the cabin. Love the look of this heater (in black) and the WiFi functionality/thermostat was just what I wanted.

Setup on phone was easy. Heated the cabin (4x3m) pretty easily this morning. Haven’t done a timer/schedule yet but seems that can all be done on the app which is handy.

Overall, really pleased and better priced than the first one I found of this type and functionality.


Fantastic heaters I ordered two and they heat my patio area brilliantly

Slightly disappointed

Speed and efficiency of ordering and delivery was very good and the heater worked and is easy to assemble and operate which is why I have awarded 3 stars. The actual heater unit was damaged and was missing a screw a handle and contained a number os scratches. I contacted the company who apologised and asked for pictures which I sent but as yet have received no further communication. Since then the remote has ceased to work which could be the battery but can be operated from the heater head direct. Overall the heater currently still works just a little underwhelmed with appearance etc. I have only had the heater 2 weeks at time of writing this so early days.


Brilliant customer service by Jhon and Jonathan, very helpful and friendly. Sony Perez


Had some issues but the customer service was second to none A++++
And sorted the very next day. The heater itself is great. I would recommend the company and heater.

Great machine, left carpet clean and dried very quickly

Really pleased with the kit, robust and easy to use. Brought carpets back to life and removed stains brilliantly. Would recommend

Bought for my dog day care unit

I bought 3 of these heaters for my doggy day care and they are amazing I bought another 2, as the unit is 2000 sq feet these heaters did the trick


I bought two of these heaters in early October for my pergola! They are the right price and in honesty I could probably have warmed the area with just one heater although the two together can warm the area quicker then just turn them down or turn one off!

Does what it says on the can

Works well as described easy to fit

Seems good!

Heaters were easy to install and pump out the heat, but of the 4 i ordered 3 of the batteries in the remotes were dead. Also worth double checking the costs of running. Website states 14p per hour. But electricity tarif im on is 30p k/w so at 3kw this will be nearly £1 per hour to run.

Great poles

Great poles, broke a few carbon poles so went for these, a lot more robust only negate I bought with hose but nothin to connect the hose to the pole

Superb heater

Excellent price top heater recommend to anyone thinking of getting a outdoor heater

KMH-30R 3KW Infrared Wall Mounted Outdoor Garden Heater?

Looks great, nice price, works perfectly. Looking forward to keeping warm from the door to the hot tub on the cold days. Tested so far and gives off a wide super heat range. Thumbs up

Great heat. Excellent quality.

Have the 3kw with remote installed at a bit of a height. 7.5ft off the ground. It still delivers great heat even at the 2kw setting. The installation was easy. And the fitting ls are high quality.

Just received my 18" surface cleaners yesterday used it today and was well impressed by the quality and the service would recommend the company and the quality of the product top notch 👌

Excellent Heater

I always do my research when purchasing online.
Watched the Castle Heaters video on product.
SOLD Brought straight away , absolutely love it , Heat , style 😁

Apsolutley Perfect

. I would advise anyone who buys this gx200 to read the Manuels + booklets before starting this awesome machine.
As it's contains a lot of important info .

.The machine started on second attempt although I did allow all liquids to sit for ten mins, just so it could work it's way round the parts before rushing .

.It's an amazing machine even tho I am new to these products.

.It has a bit of noise but doesn't rattle , very sterdy doesn't rock side to side .

.It's powerful enough to clean black algae off, especially with the turbo nozzle.

.I thought it would come with a black nozzle , but was chuffed with blue one really good piece of kit, but you will need some pte tape to go round the connection of the quick connect nozzle.

.Also the blue nozzle is extremely powerful , depending on what your using it on just be careful.

.The hand gun feels nice it's lightweight and doesn't leak.

.Every nozzle that comes with the pressure washer itself is very well made easy to clean.

. I Ordered two hose lines with this machine both in amazing condition, strong, durable, no leaks would recommend these hose lines .

.The engine is 100% Honda .

.The connections when sliding these in lock in nice and tightly , no chance of these flying of anytime soon.

.Really good wheels that you can pump up .

.Easy to manouver has a strong sturdy handle , a little bit low if I'm honest but I am 6"3 . But if your only moving it to and from then I'm not bothered .

.It came very well packed lots of polystyrene around it cardboard aswell.

Everything that was bought with this p.washer was bubble wrapped and had the care put into it 10/10.

.Not one scratch or mark on any of the equipment it was all presented professionally.

.Not only would I recommend this pressure washer and all parts that came with it , I'd also reccommend this company to anyone professional or just starting out like myself .

.Haven't had a problem with anything I have bought yet from equip2clean.

So thank you for your service .

Picture below is a before and after only a little chemical was applied , but the result is amazing compared to what it was .

Hi Rich,

We are thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience with our Kiam 3000P Petrol Pressure Washer and the additional items you purchased from Equip2Clean. Your detailed review is incredibly helpful, not just to us but also to future customers looking to make an informed decision.

We're pleased to know you found the manuals and booklets informative and that the machine met your expectations right from the start. Our team puts in a lot of effort to ensure the machine and its accessories are up to the high standard you've experienced.

Regarding the blue nozzle that you liked, thank you for the heads up about needing PTFE tape for the quick connect. We'll consider including this tip in our future guides for the benefit of other users.

It's great to hear that even as someone new to these products, you found the machine easy to use and effective. We aim to make our products user-friendly and versatile, so your feedback is especially encouraging. We're glad you're finding value in the performance, from the power to clean black algae to the sturdiness and quality of the machine and accessories.

As for the handle height, your input is valuable and something we'll consider in future iterations, especially for our taller customers.

We deeply appreciate your recommendation and are delighted to know you're satisfied with your purchases and the customer service you've received from us. We take pride in the care and quality we put into each package sent out, and it's great to hear that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience. We look forward to serving you again soon!

Best regards,


I bought this to use it in the basement after a leak and it dried off the patch with in 24hrs!

Superb garden holdall

This is a superb garden tool holdall I can get all my hand tools along with my electric hedge trimmer and power leads and it still has room. String sturdy carry handles and strong shoulder strap. Highly recommended

Outstanding help post buying

Theses guys sell great machines and the the after sales help is second to none ! Any time I’ve phoned for help they are more than willing and give you the time you need to sort out any questions you may have regarding your purchase, very rare nowadays

And their machines are the best I’ve used as you can see in my photos

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so glad to hear that you are happy with your purchase and that you have found our after-sales help to be second to none. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, and it is always rewarding to hear that our customers appreciate our efforts.

We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services, so your feedback is invaluable. We will pass along your comments to our team so that we can continue to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Thank you again for your business! We hope to see you again soon.


Really please with it!

So far, so good

I've mounted this washer in a trailer rig, put on a stainless steel exhaust extension and it's drawing water from a 350Ltr buffer tank. It's doing a great job so far. No complaints ..

Thank you for taking the time to leave a positive review about your Kiam KM3600DXR Diesel Pressure Washer. We're delighted to hear that the washer is doing a great job and meeting your expectations. It sounds like you've made some great modifications to your setup, and we're happy to see that you're getting the most out of your investment.

If you ever need anything in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon.

Best regards,


Purchased for block paving cleaning

I haven’t used the product yet, due to other landscaping projects being completed , however, the product looks exactly as described on website and the expeditious delivery gets a 5 star rating irregardless of performance.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a positive review about the Twin Turbo Nozzle Attachment. We're pleased to hear that you received your product quickly and that it met your expectations in terms of appearance and quality.

We hope that when you get the chance to use the product for your block paving cleaning, you will be impressed with its performance. If you have any questions or need any assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon.

Best regards,

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